About Us

Our team-oriented culture focuses mainly on a client-centred approach in every mandate given, helping us meet and exceed our customers' requirements.

Serving SMEs for the last 25 years, our team focuses on integrity and professionalism so that our result-based efforts help our customers reach their full potential.

Our team's commitment to quality is enhanced through continuous training and by fostering the highest knowledge level possible.

Our team
  • Jean Bouchard

    Jean Bouchard

    CPA Auditor, CA
  • Benoît Girard

    Benoît Girard

    CPA Auditor, CA
  • Michel Lavoie

    Michel Lavoie

    CPA, CA (1987)
    M. Tax (1987), Fin. Plan. (1992)
  • Chantal Blondin

    Chantal Blondin

    Accounting Certificate, Case Manager
  • Luc Desrochers

    Luc Desrochers

    B.B.A. in Accounting, Case Manager
  • Isabelle Bourgeois

    Isabelle Bourgeois

    Senior Accounting Technician
  • Andréa Girard

    Andréa Girard

    DCS in Accounting, Accounting Technician
  • Nathalie Robert

    Nathalie Robert

    DVS in Accounting, Accounting Technician
  • Caroline Comeau

    Caroline Comeau

    DVS in Accounting, Accounting Technician
  • Johanne Lavigne

    Johanne Lavigne

    DCS in Secretarial Studies, Administrative Assistant